Road vs. Allroad vs. Gravel

Road vs. Allroad vs. Gravel

Road Bicycle


A road bicycle, often referred to simply as a road bike, is a type of bicycle designed specifically for riding on smooth, paved roads and surfaces. These bicycles are optimized for speed, efficiency, and long-distance riding, making them ideal for road racing, group rides, and recreational cycling on well-maintained roads.

Road bicycles come in various subcategories, including racing bikes, endurance bikes, and aero bikes, each tailored to different styles of riding and rider preferences. Road cycling is a popular sport and recreational activity enjoyed by many due to the speed, efficiency, and sense of freedom it offers on well-paved roads.

All TIME Bicycles are designed with performance in mind. For road riding, the perfect balance of low weight, high efficiency and responsive handling calls for short chainstays and robust tortional ridgidity. Tire width plays a role as well – contemporary analysis of rolling resistance and rider efficiency have settled on 28C (about 28-30mm) as an optimal tire width for modern racing or training on tarmac roads.

The TIME Alpe d'Huez Disc is the ultimate road bike with the ultimate composite blend of carbon fiber. We took the Vectran®–enhanced structure of the ADH 01 and increased the amount of light and stiff Toray M40J and added Dyneema®, the World’s Strongest Fiber® to create our most advanced BCS hybrid blend ever.

Allroad Bicycle


An allroad bike, sometimes referred to as a fast-gravel bike, is a versatile type of bicycle designed to handle a wide range of terrains, making it suitable for riding on both paved surfaces and unpaved surfaces. Allroad bikes are a hybrid between road bikes and gravel bikes, offering riders the ability to explore various types of terrain while still maintaining a relatively efficient and comfortable riding experience.

All-road bikes are popular among cyclists who enjoy exploring mixed-surface rides. They offer a versatile and enjoyable cycling experience, making them a great choice for cyclists who want to venture beyond smooth pavement while still having the option for comfortable road riding.

As flexibility becomes paramount, chainstays lengthen and a small margin of reactivity is traded for additional tire clearance. It’s this “allroad / fast gravel” machine that has to deliver the goods in the widest variety of conditions. For riders who are looking to add variety to their riding, a 35-38c file tread on a lightweight tire casing offers a great deal of comfort and control on smooth dirt without feeling ponderous on pavement.

Our initial exploration into the world of mixed-surface riding and high-speed gravel cycling introduces the TIME ADHX, also known as Alpe d'Huez X. The ADHX was built to travel all roads. The ADHX is the first of its kind to incorporate Bio-Based Dyneema®, the World’s Strongest Fiber®, BCS (Braided Carbon Structure) and RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) to build the ultimate Fast Gravel machine.

Gravel Bicycle


A gravel bike is a versatile type of bicycle designed for riding on a variety of surfaces, including gravel roads, single track, double track, farm or county roads, rough trails, and pavement. Gravel bikes are specially engineered to provide a comfortable and efficient riding experience across mixed terrain, making them a popular choice for cyclists who enjoy exploring diverse landscapes.

Gravel cycling has gained popularity as it offers a sense of adventure and the freedom to explore less-traveled routes while still maintaining the efficiency and speed associated with road cycling. Gravel bikes are versatile and adaptable, making them an excellent choice for cyclists looking to expand their riding horizons beyond paved roads.

Cyclists that spend the majority of their time on unimproved roads will appreciate the volume and traction offered by a 45c tire. Gravel-oriented frames achieve the necessary tire clearance by thinning and lengthening the seatstays and chainstays and widening the crown of the fork. The resulting increase in frame deflection paired with the vibration absorption and traction of larger tires make light work of rough roads even as they render the ADHX 45 less suited to asphalt.

Our first true gravel bike is the TIME ADHX 45. We designed the ADHX 45 to take on a 45c tire, hence the naming convention. A 45c tire has roughly three times the volume of a 28c tire and about 65% more than a 38c version. More volume allows lower air pressures and better traction, increased comfort and more stability. Additionally, the more aggressive tread patterns available in larger sizes further contribute to grip on uncertain terrain.