No One Stops Time

Since our foundation in 1987, we’ve continually pushed the boundaries of technology, design and innovation. We are driven by the desire to build the best bikes in the world and our guiding principle - Le Defi / The Challenge - inspires us to never rest, never take the easy option and to lead the way.



We are at the forefront of carbon fibre manufacture and bike production. We utilise two unique processes, Braided Carbon Structure and Resin Transfer Molding to build immensely strong, light and stable bikes. We are one of the only bike companies in the world to produce frames in this way - a way that is used in aerospace, elite motorsports and the automotive industry.

why time


We’re proud of our European foundations. Our bikes are, and always have been imagined, designed and made solely in Europe. It may not be the easiest or most financially profitable approach but we challenge ourselves to create bikes to the highest possible standards.

why time


We are dedicated to producing the world's finest carbon bikes. This focus allows us to continually innovate and push our unique technologies in new directions. Our highly skilled designers, engineers and team have decades of experience and committed to delivering exceptional quality.

THe pillars of time

TIME is built on a set of guiding principles – our pillars. Throughout all areas of our business we ensure that bikes, our customer service and our experience is exceptional.

born fast

Throughout our history we’ve worked with the world’s best cyclists and teams to create bikes and products that are untouchable. Our palmares is revered and we’ve been part of countless iconic moments in cycling over four decades.We refine every detail of our design and manufacturing process to enable us to build faster and faster bikes. We understand that a fast bike is a combination of multiple factors – weight, strength, stability, comfort – and we treat each factor equally to deliver the optimum ride.

Fashion fades, style is eternal

Cycling is synonymous with style. From the attacking panache of Jacques Anquetil or Julian Alaphillipe to the hours spent honing your perfect setup. We infuse our bikes with technology and style - form and function working in perfect harmony. Our bikes are timeless in style and as the great Yves Saint Laurent said “Fashions fade, style is eternal”.

always pushing perfection

The quest for excellence is why we invested in braided carbon and resin transfer moulding over 20 years ago. It’s why we don’t settle for cheaper alternatives. We don’t cut corners or outsource production, everything is made in our European factory to our exacting standards.We’re restless, we’re always seeking to improve our processes, refine our product and do things better.Our demand for excellence throughout all areas ofour business underpins the quality we produce.

next level thinking

We're a creative, passionate and dedicated group of designers and engineers. Cycling and bike building consumes us and we're always seeking new, innovative and creative ways to enhance the sport we love. Utlising unique technologies and inventing completely new ones is proof that our ingenuity takes us to the next level.

nothing but carbon

We decided early on to only focus on Carbon Fibre. This key decision means that over decades our knowledge, experience and skill handling this amazing material is unparalleled.

no one stops time

TIME was created in the spirit of Roland Cattin - our founder. We are fiercely independent and proud of our heritage. Our commitment to quality, innovation and excellence is what informs the way we operate. The most important thing to us is the quality of our bikes and nothing will get in the way of that.