Every now and then a master in their field emerges to push things to another level. Someone so committed to excellence that they inspire everyone around them. Their challenge is to continually improve and continually create works of art. 

In the world of custom bike art, Kong 2 Studio is one such master. If you follow them on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/kong2studio/) you’ll already be aware of the masterpieces they’ve been creating since 2014. Their experiments with paint, colour, typography and various processes have resulted in a multitude of bikes that you’d happily sell a vital organ to own.

When Sammy from Kong 2 Studio approached us, the thought of creating a one-of-a-kind TIME Alpe d’Huez 21 really got us excited. The ensuing stream of moodboards, inspiration, abstract concepts and creative discussions resulted in a bike we’re extremely proud of. 

We settled on a Spring theme, the time in which the bike would be created. Spring is a wonderfully positive time, nature re-emerges from its slumber, milder weather returns, long thermal bibs are replaced with short, aero ones and the pro-cycling season begins with our favourite Classics races. 

With this concept in mind, Sammy and his brilliant team got to work. Titling the project "春草 Spring Grass“, Sammy explains the design rationale.



“Green is the colour of plants and Spring is the season of green. Look at the growing grass and your eyes see different shades. From dark to light they exude vitality.” 

Kong 2 Studio usually employs a spray gun when painting frames, but for this special project they wanted to push themselves onto the next stage. Inspired by Monet, an artist renowned for impressionistic depictions of nature, they adopted a paint technique that was finished entirely by hand brushwork. 



Sammy explains further, “We need some techniques to make this project very special. So I used the brushes to paint the gradient of the green instead of spraying. From light to dark, inspired by the growing of the grass in spring.”

Once the frame was complete, our workshop finished it off with an equally desirable build. The warm, organic carbon textures of the Campagnolo Record and Shamal wheels complement the shimmering green tones of the paint scheme and the Deda cockpit and Repente touchpoints along with Pirelli tyres make it look as fresh as a newly mown lawn.

The one-off “Spring Grass” Alpe d’Huez 21 is currently available to buy. If you’re interested, please email info@timebicycles.com for more information.

You can view the full bike details here